How It Works

At Crestline Exchange Company we have created a simple, safe, and successful way for you to take advantage of the boom in online trading. First we evaluate the products that you want to sell - some of the items we accept are new and modern and some items are well traveled. Once accepted, we set price based on market value. We market your item(s) online and in our showroom for 30 days and once sold, we send you a check. Our commission is 40%.

Choose Your Items

We currently accept but are not limited to sofas, tables, chairs, ottomans, lamps, chandeliers, beds, chests, rugs, drapery panels, shelving, flooring, select artisan pieces and select works of art.


Please email us at or using the form on our CONTACT page with photos, measurements and detailed descriptions of your items. You may also suggest a selling price, but this does not determine final selling price. We do our best to respond to emails within 48 hours.



Upon reviewing your items, we will set selling price based upon each items’ current market value. You may send details on items such as original purchase store and price, but our pricing will reflect what we believe to be the best possible sellable price from our experience. We are not furniture appraisers, the current marketplace determines value. We will price items accordingly and utilize experienced sales strategies to ensure your items are sold competitively and quickly.


Consignment & Delivery

Once your item(s) are accepted, we will set a date for you to transport your items to our showroom and complete all necessary paperwork.


How Your Items Get Sold

Crestline Exchange Company is your online trading concierge. We photograph your items, post to social media and popular trading sites, and professionally merchandise your furniture in our retail gallery. We do not give status updates on listed items, but our goal is always to sell items within the first 30 days.



Upon sale of your furniture or other items, we will mail you a check for your percentage. Checks are batched and mailed out monthly based on the previous month’s sales. Example: If your furniture sells in January, your check will be mailed in February’s check batches.

Have items you think are the right fit for Crestline Exchange Co.? If you're ready to get started, email us with a list of your items and pictures to or use the form on our CONTACT page.

We Do Not Accept Drop Offs Without Following The Above Procedure.